Daily Blogwatch: 50 Cent's Investment Library

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Now we're talking. Crumbs, which if you haven't tried it, is the best cupcake store in the world, is going public? What the heck!? Does that mean there is a cupcake bubble? You ever notice anytime anyone does anything now it's a "bubble"?

Time to check out 50 Cent's investment library?

Some analysts are trying to defend the for-profit education guys like Strayer Education (STRA) and Apollo Group (APOL) after Strayer's horrible results. But the reality is...

Parents should not send their kids to college. It's too expensive. Why spend $200,000 to supposedly "teach your kids how to think," when all they do is go to parties or whatever?

How I met the President of the United States or, another way I could put it is: How I got fired from my first writing gig, even though I was never hired.
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