Fire Damage Shuts Down Universal Orlando Ride

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Fans of Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Universal Orlando will have to wait several weeks before the ride reopens after a fire with billowing smoke caused damage.

The fire started on the roof of the log flume water ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure -- the same park that is home to the highly popular Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The incident caused the evacuation of Toon Lagoon, a cartoon character-themed section of the park.

Billowing smoke could be seen coming from the area, and Toon Lagoon was closed for about 90 minutes while the two-alarm blaze was extinguished.

There were no injuries, although a few guests did go to the park's first-aid station to get checked says Universal Orlando spokesman Tom Schroder.

Orlando Deputy Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt tells the Orlando Sentinel the type of material on the roof "puts out a lot of black smoke." He says investigators are looking at a possible electrical problem as a cause.

"We are working with fire officials to identify and correct the cause of the fire at Ripsaw Falls," Universal Orlando says in a statement. "We are going to repair the fire damage and also keep the attraction closed for several weeks of additional seasonal maintenance, which had already been scheduled for later this month."

There was no word on exactly when the ride would reopen.

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