Ravenwood Fair Strongbug's Big Top: A skittering, slimy circus

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Strongbug's Big Top
What's a forest fair without circus freaks? Well, nothing really, which is exactly why LOLapps has introduced Strongbug's Big Top to Ravenwood Fair. This new theme of circus items ranges from the cool to the downright creepy and crawling. If you hadn't guessed already, this circus is run by a bunch of insect. Just about every game, decoration and building revolves around the not-so-little buggers. Here's what you'll find to bring the crawly circus to your fair:

  • Fettucine Bros. Cannon (1,900 coins, 10 Wood): 150 uses, 8 coins, 830 Fun
  • Mystic Wagon (2,100 coins, 12 Wood): 250 uses, 9 coins, 920 Fun
  • Big Tent (3,000 coins, 14 Wood): 300 uses, 13 coins, 1,300 Fun
  • Popcorn Cart (600 coins, 4 Wood): 100 uses, 3 coins, 260 Fun
  • Splattapillar (2,100 coins, 9 Wood): 100 uses, 9 coins, 920 Fun
  • Skee Ball (2,400 coins, 10 Wood): 200 uses, 11 coins, 1,080 Fun
  • Break-a-Plate (2,800 coins, 11 Wood: 150 uses, 13 coins, 1,210 Fun
  • Cattercoaster (3,000 coins, 15 Wood): 250 uses, 14 coins, 1,350 Fun
  • Purple Flag (9 FB Credits): 60 Fun
  • Orange and Maroon Flag (240 coins each): 40 Fun
  • Small Green Tent (900 coins): 150 Fun
  • Small Red and Blue Tent (25 FB Credits): 200 Fun

Fortunately, only a few of those items cost Facebook Credits and they're decorations at that. That makes it even easier to create your very own forest circus with Strongbug.

What do you think of the new circus items in Ravenwood Fair. Will you be creating your own circus? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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