Etiquette Guidelines for the Newly Hired

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etiquetteYou got hired, maybe in one of the 150,000 jobs just created. However, many of your former co-workers, neighbors, and even family members are still unemployed.

Clearly, there's a need for a book of etiquette to navigate the tsunami of mixed feelings and behavior now surrounding you.

Here are some etiquette guidelines for the newly hired that should be included:

  • If there's no need to inform others about your good fortune, don't. Wise man Gore Vidal observed that human beings have a difficult time with other people's accomplishments. In fact, he observed that it's not enough for anyone to succeed. The score demands others fail.
  • Frame your job as just a job. Avoid mentioning add-ons such as where it could lead.
  • Highlight how much you've suffered during your unemployment and how challenging this adjustment of returning to work will be.
  • If others tell you what an awful place Company X or Non profit Y is to work, how many were fired there, and more negatives, use stock phrases like, 'thank you for sharing,' 'I appreciate that information,' and 'earning a living was never easy.' Soon enough they'll go away.
  • Give your new job your all. Flee from being distracted by those still unemployed.
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