Mafia Wars Natural Disaster Crates have catastrophic loot inside

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Natural Distaster Crates
The Zynga team have added yet another set of Crates to Mafia Wars with Natural Disaster Crates. For 12 Reward Points each or 35 Reward Points for three (around $3 and $7, respectively), you'll have a chance at one of eight disaster-themed weapons, vehicle and armor. Like the usual loot crates, each Natural Disaster Crate will have a 60 percent chance of containing a common item, a 30 percent chance for uncommon items and just a 10 percent chance of holding a rare item.

Check behind the break for a full list of the items you can win by picking up a few of these new crates.Here's a full preview of what you have to look forward to finding inside the Natural Disaster Crates:

Landslide Avalanche Lightning Strike
Common Items (60 percent chance)

Tornado Eruption Famine
Uncommon Items (30 percent chance)

Tsunami Earthquake
Rare Items (10 percent chance)
These new crates have cool looking items, but whether they're worth buying when more powerful items can be found in Las Vegas jobs alone should be taken under serious consideration. But hey, if you're a collector, there's no stopping you anyway.

Liking the new Natural Disaster Crate loot? Like it enough to take your chances on a few crates? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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