Mafia Wars 7 Deadly Sins crates: Find out what's inside

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mafia wars 7 deadly sins

Another week, another new crate arrives in Mafia Wars. This one's called the 7 Deadly Sins Crate and it contains a slew of oh-so 'sinful' items inside. As usual, you can buy a single crate for 12 Reward Points (RP) or three crates for 35 RP.

mafia wars 7 deadly sins crates

Before you decide to buy, take a more detailed look at what's hiding inside those boxes.
Without further ado: here are the items in the new 7 Deadly Sins Mystery Crates:





[Via Mafia Wars Wiki]

What did you get in your 7 Deadly Sins Crate? Is this crate better than the excellent Underwater Crates? Sound off in the comments below. Add Comment.
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