Wedding bells ring in the PetVille outdoor store

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It's wedding season in Zynga games in June - first we saw the FarmVille Tuscan Wedding, and now a large collection of wedding items have hit the PetVille outdoor store. This unique set allows you to create a dream moment in your backyard, complete with food, entertainment, guests, and everything you need to create a truly magical wedding. Take a peek at the fairytale wedding items that are now available in PetVille.

Dove on Branch, Facing Right - 13 Pet Cash
Wedding Guests, Groom's Side - 17 Pet Cash
Sunkissed Castle Scene - 25 Pet Cash
Perfectly Cut Grass - 5,000 coins
Wedding Ceremony Table Up - 6,000 coins
Chicken Dinner Up Close - 3,000 coins
Glass of Red Up Close - 2,800 coins
Rosy Table Setting - 12 Pet Cash

Aisle of Cherry Blossoms - 24 Pet Cash
Wedding Candle Up Close - 2,200 Pet Cash
Bottle of Sparkling Red Up Close - 3,600 coins
Dove in Cage - 16 Pet Cash
Wedding Ceremony Table - 6,800 coins
Potted Flowers, Brides Mix - 14 Pet Cash
Left Border Bouquets - 8 Pet Cash
Carpet of Blossoms - 5 Pet Cash
Bride and Groom's Archway - 20,000 coins
The Wedding Aisle - 10 Pet Cash
Carpet of Blossoms - 5 Pet Cash
Wedding Ceremony Table - 6,800 coins
Wedding Cake Table - 5,200 coins
Triple Tiered Wedding Cake - 18 Pet Cash
Wedding Guests, Brides Side - 17 Pet Cash
Pretty Posey Bridesmaid Dress, Blue , Pink, and Purple- 8,000 coins
Pretty Posey Heels, Blue, Pink, and Purple- 3,000 coins
Pretty Pink Hair Rose - 5 Pet Cash
Something Blue Hair Bow - 4,200 coins
My Amore Dress - 7,800 coins
Blue Belle Wedding Dress - 27,000 coins
Blushing Bride Veil - 10 Pet Cash
Blushing Bride Wedding Dress - 15 Pet Cash
I Love You Heels - 4,000 coins
Onyx Hair Clips - 1,800 coins
Romantic Rose Bouquet - 10 Pet Cash
Vintage Layered Wedding Dress - 26 Pet Cash
Wedding Guest Table - 6,000 coins
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