New FarmVille Animals For Coins: Saddleback Pig, Arapawa Goat, Belted Cow!

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In an epic update tonight 3 new animals were permanently added to the FarmVille Market, all for coins! These animals cost a hefty amount, one of each would cost 1.8 million coins.

There are level requirements to purchase these new animals:

  • Saddleback Pig costs 300,00 coins ready to harvest in 2 days – Level 35 to purchase
  • Arapawa Goat 500,000 coins ready to harvest in 2 days – Level 55 to purchase
  • Belted Cow 1,000,000 coins ready to harvest in 1 day – Level 75 to purchase

What do you think of these new animals? Were you able to purchase all three?
This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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