MySpace not interested in buying social games companies

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While parent company News Corp. may be busy acquiring social gaming company Irata Labs, MySpace Co-president Jason Hirschhorn says his social network isn't interested in following their lead.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Hirschhorn is paraphrased as saying the company won't be purchasing any social games studios for themselves. "We're a platform," he said by way of concise explanation. In the interview, Hirschhorn also said MySpace's is working on a unified payment/currency platform which could simplify monetization for app developers.

Despite a registered user base of over 120 million users, MySpace has been struggling to turn around its reputation as an also-ran in light of Facebook's tremendous growth. But Hirschhorn seemed optimistic that the company can still around. "It hasn't happened on the Internet," he said, "[but] there's always a first."
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