Siam invades Happy Pets with kitties

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Happy Pets Siamese cats
It looks like Shamrock Cat brought a rainbow coalition of Siamese cat cousins into Happy Pets! These ten cats are available for purchase at the in-game store for players with Levels of 30 to 45.

In-store prices and access levels in ascending order:
- Regular, Gray, and Gold Siamese cats are 2,895 Coins at Level 30
- Orange is 3,095 Coins at Level 32
- Red is 3,295 Coins at Level 34
- Blue is 3,495 Coins at Level 36
- Purple is 3,695 Coins at Level 38
- Pink is 3,995 Coins at Level 41
- Yellow-Spotted is 4,195 Coins at Level 43
- Orange-Spotted is 4,395 Coins at Level 45
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