FarmVille's January 29th Podcast

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This week's FarmVille Podcast was on time as scheduled and reveals some interesting news for all farmers.

Read below for the highlights.

Super Pumpkin crop ends on 11:59 (Pacific time) Saturday, January 30th

Will there be dogs in FarmVille?

  • Dogs will be released to FarmVille in the near future. There is no official release date.
Coming Soon:
  • Horse Stables will be released. You heard it first here on FarmVille Freak. The Horse Stable will be a functional "building that matters". You will be able to build your very own Horse Stable on your farm.
  • Valentine's Day limited edition items. There will be a set of Valentine's Day themed items. You will also be able to send Valentines, Chocolates and Candy to your FarmVille neighbors.

Transcript for this entire FarmVille Podcast can be found below on the FarmVille official Forum.

Link: FarmVille 01.29.10 Podcast

Reprinted with permission from FarmVille Freak.
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