Mafia Wars Weekend Mob Gets Tigers Unleashed

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While the big news for Mafia Wars players this week is the arrival of Mafia Wars: Moscow, Zynga also opened the doors to its weekend event, Tigers Unleashed. The goal is simple, fight and complete jobs in order to obtain all eight of the special items. Here's a list of those items (we're working on getting the attack and defense values of the other items.

Le Tigre – Tiger-striped sports car (26 Attack /15 Defense)

Pro's 2 Iron – Golf club (24 Attack /19 Defense)

The Liger – hybrid tiger and leopard

Siberian Tiger – big, fierce kitty

Tora Assault Rifle – fast shooter with stripes (28 Attack / 12 Defense)

Tigershark Submersible – growler of the sea (37 Attack / 18 Defense)

The Tigerskin Armored Vest – tough, yet fashion friendly ( 12 Attack / 30 Defense)

Tiger Tank – Sherman has nothing on these

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