Common Portugese Phrases for Travelers

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The eighth most spoken language in the world, Portuguese is sometimes mistaken for Spanish. Truth be told, it is very different; just ask those who have common Portuguese phrases down pat. Most notably spoken in Brazil, you'll find these common Portuguese phrases helpful in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau and the islands of São Tomé and Principe. AOL helps you on your next trip to one of these incredible locales with 15 must-know common Portuguese phrases to help you get around. Boa viagem!

Must Know Travel Terms Common Portugese Phrases Phrase Pronunciation
Hello Olá "ola"
Goodbye Tchau "chow"
Yes Sim "ssi"
No Não "nau"
Please por favor "pur fa-vour"
Thank You obrigado/obrigada "o-bri-ga-du/o-bri-ga-da"
Excuse Me com licença "ko li-cess-a"
Do you speak English? Você fala Inglês? "vo-say fala ing-less"
Can you help me? Podes me ajudar? "po-dess mee a-ju-dar"
I don't understand Eu não entendo. "e-u nau in-ten-du"
How much is it? Quanto custa? "ku-a-tu kuss-ta"
Where is? Onde e o? "own-de eh oh"
bathroom/restaurant/hotel banheiro/restaurante/hotel "ban-i-ero/res-tau-ran-te/hotel"
Taxi, please. Táxi por favor "taxi pur fa-vour"
Where is the emergency hospital? Onde e o pronto socorro? "own-de eh oh prone-to soak-oro"

Traversing the city on seven hills, Lisbon, or looking down from 750 meters above sea level in Sao Paulo, having a host of common Portuguese phrases will enhance your travels. Of course, you can hear common Portuguese phrases being spoken while ordering caipirinhas on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. With this common Portuguese phrases cheat sheet you will you be ready to respond. Should you want more of a common Portuguese phrases primer than this, you can find Portuguese phrase books that fit the bill.
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