Preposterous products: The sandal flask

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Even wish you could sneak some vodka to the beach, but have no place to conceal it within your bikini? Then I call your attention to a line of sandals by Reef, well-known for its extensive line of beach wear. What makes the BYOB sandal distinctive is not its appearance, but the fact that a bladder is built into the heel of each, perfect for smuggling the liquid of your choice with you wherever you go.

The small polyurethane sacks are accessed via a spout in the heel.

I have a couple of reactions-

  1. If I have to smuggle booze in my shoe, might I have a drinking problem?
  2. How cool would I appear guzzling hootch out of a sandal?
  3. Who in their right mind would drink from another person's sandal?

The company also makes a stash sandal, perfect for your one-hitter. Or more innocent booty.

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