Sale alert: The Dead Bug Funeral Kit

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Most of our WalletPop sale alerts target items of wide appeal. Occasionally, however, we uncover deals on items that appeal to a narrow slice of audience, but are too delicious not to share.

This is the case with The Dead Bug Funeral Kit, currently on sale directly from the maker for $16, or 20 % off (add $3.85 for shipping). The kit comes complete with a tiny casket, headstone, burial scroll, flower, grass seed and a 32-page illustrated Buggy Book of Eulogies.

The book contains eulogies to commemorate the passing of your loved one, be he/she a ladybug, cockroach, praying mantis, spider, or other resident of the creepy-crawly world.

In this cold, cruel world, how heartwarming it is to see proper dignity paid to the passing of our bug brothers and sisters. So much more dignified than a swipe of the shoe against the edge of the step.

In a side note, I'm thinking of selling 4" x 4" burial plots in my backyard for bug burials. Leave a comment if you're in the market.

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